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Rules of Chess960 (Fischer Random Chess)
by Eric van Reem 

A little known and long-discarded offshoot of Classical Chess is the realm of so-called "Randomized Chess" in its various forms. Fischer Random Chess (here in after referred to as "F.R. Chess") stands for Bobby Fischer's new and improved version of "Randomized Chess". F.R. Chess uses algebraic notation exclusively. 

At the start of every game of F.R. Chess, both players Pawns are set up exactly as they are at the start of every game of Classical Chess. 

In F.R. Chess, just before the start of every game, both players pieces on their respective back rows receive an identical random shuffle using the Fischer Random Chess Computerized Shuffler, which is programmed to set up the pieces in any combination, with the provisos that one Rook has to be to the left and one Rook has to be to the right of the King, and one Bishop has to be on a light-colored square and one Bishop has to be on a dark-colored square. White and Black have identical positions. From behind their respective Pawns the opponents pieces are facing each other directly, symmetrically. Thus for example, if the shuffler places White's back row pieces in the following position: Ra1, Bb1, Kc1, Nd1, Be1, Nf1, Rg1, Qh1, it will place Black's back row Pieces in the following position, Ra8, Bb8, Kc8, Nd8, Be8, Nf8, Rg8, Qh8, etc.. 

In F.R. Chess there are 960 possible starting positions, the Classical Chess starting position and 959 other starting positions. 

The Castling 
Of necessity, In F.R. Chess the castling rule is somewhat modified and broadened to allow for the possibility of each player castling either on or into his or her left side or on or into his or her right side of the board from all of these 960 starting positions. 

Please note the following points: 
In F.R. Chess, depending on the pre-castling position of the castling King and Rook, the castling maneuver is performed by one of these four methods: 


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